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About Togliatti

Due to its 270 years history our town is young and continues to develop actively. First of all Togliatti is known abroad and in Russia as the capital of local  automobile building industry, as the center of machine building industry, as the center of machine building and unique chemical industry. But it’s only a little bit of what we can tell about our amazing town.

Togliatti is the town of energetic and successful people. It’s the birthplace of Olimpic champions and outstanding people in culture and art. It’s the cradle of many innovation projects in education, science and technique. It’s the unique nature of the Zhiguli mountains and many, many other things.

Everybody who was born and grew up in Togliatti can tell a lot of the town. Seeing is believing!

You are welcome to Togliatti!

To say that the city of Togliatti is a unique one means to say almost nothing. It is located on the bank of the Volga river, but it is nothing like quite, provincial towns with their patriarchal style and slow rhythm of life. The city has a status of a district center but it's importance for the whole country can hardly be overprized. Being located in the depth of the country it is in contact with the whole world. Its historical past is literally resting on the bottom of the great river, however, population of the city has grown by more than 100 times over the recent hundred years. Like any other Russian town it has experienced cataclysms, but economical crises have only augmented its welfare. The city is a powerful industrial center, but it will take long to find more favorable conditions for healthy rest anywhere else in Russia. Finally, the city has an Italian name… However, if you want to observe (or, maybe to participate in) the birth of new Russia with healthy economy and political stability – then you are welcome to Togliatti.

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